21 Funny Corona Memes That are Spreading Faster Than The Virus –

21 Funny Corona Memes That are Spreading Faster Than The Virus

The Wuhan virus, a.k.a Novel Coronavirus, a.k.a Corona Virus, a.k.a 2019-nCoV is a corona virus that started in the city of Wuhan in Hebei Province China. The virus is similar to that of the Severe Acute Respiratory virus (SARS) in that it originated from wild animals and mutated into a form which could infect humans. The speed with which the virus has spread is faster than that of the wildfires in Australia, and is second only to the speed with which funny corona memes have spread throughout the internet.

China and the world are grappling with measures to stop the spread of the virus. News channels around the world are bombarding the public with messages of the coming apocalypse. In this overwhelmingly negative environment, we would like to take a break from it all. Go ahead, sit back, relax and crack open a beer (cough … corona) and enjoy some light entertainment at the expense of our favorite beer in the world (cough … corona).

We would like to apologize in advance to Cerveceria Modelo, in case they can’t take a joke and enjoy the free publicity. Please remember folks, these are just jokes, and should not be taken personally. Please do not use these memes as an excuse to stigmatize anyone wearing masks in public.

funny corona memes - what the extra stands for

More than you bargained for.

funny corona memes - how to enjoy responsibly

That mask will keep you safe.

funny corona memes - virus vs mass shootings

Which is more deadly?

funny corona memes - pattern of disease outbreaks

Is there some sort of pattern here?

funny corona memes - immunity

Oh have I ever lived!

funny corona memes - sneezing in chinese airport

Yes yes!

funny corona memes - a visualization

There’s no such thing as bad press.

funny corona memes - virus meets its match

So scary…

funny corona memes - halting the spread of corona virus to the internet

Virus could mutate into cyberspace next!

funny corona memes - be safe with masks

What can you do with 10 masks that you can’t do with 1?

funny corona memes - the masked bottle

Staying safe.

funny corona memes - potential symptoms meme

Do you have the virus??? Do you??

funny corona memes - alternative face mask

You wouldn’t want me to go out there unprotected would you?

funny corona memes - share your facemask

Sharing is caring!

funny corona memes - tactfully decline a social engagement

How to say no tactfully.

funny corona memes - how to play outside

Can I go play ma?

funny corona memes - celebrate the new year

Happy Chinese New Year!

funny corona memes - chinese zodiac

The Year of the Bat.

funny corona memes - oops did a computer start this

It wasn’t me.

funny corona memes - oops did my joke cause a plague

Was that Karma?

funny corona memes - cure found

We found an antidote!










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