31 Silly Funny and Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas –

31 Silly Funny and Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas

This Elf on the Shelf set up a food truck.

Perhaps the Elf wants you to go to the movies.

Elves can’t get enough of syrup — it’s their favorite!

Put the elf to work washing some cars!

Going to do a Fortnite drop!

Beware that yellow snow.

He’s taking a bubble bath!

Make a scavenger hunt with your Elf on the Shelf.

Or let him decorate his own door!

What about a little pin-the-nose game?

Or the elf can just hang around.

Looking good!

Elves make potty humor jokes too.


The elf was just supposed to give her a trim!

Elf crafts are fun to do.

The elf is taking off in your underpants!

He melted the snowman!

Elf is going to have a ball pit party.

Tacoing about taco tuesday

He doesn’t carrot all.

We ride!

Whoops, got a little creative.

Free kisses!

Lighting up the throne.

Oh my, naughty elf.

How dare you. She’s going to get a new she-shed.

Oh this is the night…


Stick around!

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