33 Awkward Christmas Photos ~ Funny Family Holidays

Awkward Christmas, Awkward Family Pictures

Hilarious Awkward Family Christmas Photos from Days Best Forgotten

It’s time to flip through another album of cherished Christmas and holiday memories. Oh, what fun it is to laugh and sing at hilarious awkward Christmas photos. These vintage pics from the 50s to almost modern day are the perfect gift this holiday season. While so many people try to recreate awkwardly funny pictures of their annual holiday cards, you can’t top the real thing! Share in the humor and maybe a bad, creepy Santa will bring you something extra special this year.


Though Kelly wanted Rudolph’s leg for Christmas, Dasher’s leg was just as good.

Awkward christmas photo, family around tree, dad and daughter holding deer leg, holiday pics


Don’t imagine that’s frankincense sense in Kevin’s bong, do you?

vintage family christmas photo, holiday cards, kids dressed as three wisemen, bong


We all had to admire Santa’s new hourglass figure this year.

vintage awkward christmas, family photos, boy and creepy Santa, aluminum tree

These kids look like their one scotch away from snapping and unleashing a reign of terror across the neighborhood.

vintage family christmas photo, holiday, kids around tree with guns, 1960s

What every woman wants for Christmas. Some things never change.

vintage family christmas photo, 50s, 60s, woman gets vacuum cleaner, iron , bad gifts


See… there’s that perfect gift of a vacuum cleaner once again.

vintage family christmas photo 1960s, bad gifts, vacuum cleaner, aluminum tree


If you think this vintage Santa’s a wee bit creepy…

vintage family christmas photo, creepy bad Santa with mask, holidays


Ahhhh! Scarred for life!

vintage family christmas photo, creepy bad Santa, screaming girls on Santa's lap


Doesn’t appear the tree’s the only thing getting lit this year.

vintage family christmas photo. 1970s dudes, hippies around aluminum christmas tree decorated with beer cans


Gary just couldn’t decide whether he wanted to go fishing or shopping.

vintage family christmas photo, holiday card, man, portrait


Nothing’s more embarrassing than when dad hugs you in his pajamas.

vintage family christmas photo 1960s kids, dad, new bike, holiday cards


For those who’ve ever wondered what Santa would look like with bangs.

vintage family christmas photo creepy bad Santa's lap, holiday cards

Even on Christmas morning dad just couldn’t even.
vintage family christmas photo smoking dad, creepy, holiday cards, christmas morning


Unfortunately, little Tommy’s boa constrictor died shortly before the annual family Christmas card photo was taken.
vintage family christmas photo, holiday cards, family holding pets, falcons, 1980s, 90s


One more giant glass of whiskey for mommy and daddy just might get that gift he desperately wanted every year.
vintage family christmas photo 1940s, 50s, 60s, around tree, dad pouring mom booze, drink, whiskey, drunk holidays


Oh, the things we do to bring joy to our children during the holidays.
vintage family christmas photo holiday cards, screaming baby frightened by stuffed snowman decoration


Can’t forget our four-legged furry children.
vintage family christmas photo crazy cats destroy christmas ornaments, holiday cards


While the boys receive the usual utilitarian gifts, Sharon got something totally impractical, a real, live baby.
vintage family christmas photo 1960s, holiday cards, kids posing with guns


“What’s in the box, Karen? What’s in the booooox?!?”
vintage family christmas photo 1980s, woman posing in kitchen trying to look sexy, holiday cards


Todd’s joy was overwhelming.
vintage family christmas photo 1960s, family with gifts


When your company forgets to hire a Santa for the holiday party and pulls one in off the street at the last second.
vintage family christmas photo creepy bad Santa, old couple company holiday party


ERMAHGERD! Aunt Maggie’s just revealed where she hides her Christmas package!
vintage family christmas photo drunk mom, 1970s, underwear showing, holiday cards


If Chucky and “Child’s Play” was a vintage Christmas movie…
vintage family christmas photo baby posing with creepy Santa doll, 1940s, 1950s


If you stare at the ladies’ dresses long enough, you’ll see a secret message.
vintage family christmas photo 1970s holiday cards fashion fails mother daughter


All Colin could think was how Patty only gave him socks for Christmas.
vintage family christmas photo girls making out


I swear the girl on the left is Eleven from “Stranger Things.”
vintage family christmas photo sisters in matching dresses, 1980s, not happy, holiday cards


Dad humor that no one should have to endure.
vintage family christmas photo ugly christmas sweater, hair tree, fat hairy stomach hanging out, holiday cards


Looks like someone couldn’t wait to see Santa.
vintage family christmas photo boys on Santa's lap, peed pants, brothers


No one could argue the Conroy’s gift for decorating.
vintage family christmas photo 1950s, Kodachrome, fake tree, mid century woman and husband, bad decorations
Yes, too many candy canes can land you in a sugar coma.
vintage family christmas photo girls with creepy bear, Sant's lap


Modeling your holiday lingerie at the VFW hall never makes for an awkward Christmas.
vintage family christmas photo 1960s, 1950s, woman modeling lingerie in front of aluminum tree,


Lucky for Susan, flashing the gang sign for the Bloods won’t land you on the naughty  list.
vintage family christmas photo creepy bad Santa's lap, girl flashing gang signs, holiday cards


Have a rockin’, thumbs-up Christmas, y’all!
vintage family christmas photo 1980s, nerdy kid in tie gets computer keyboard, video games holiday cards


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