Funny Corona Virus Face Mask Memes that are Spreading Faster than Manufacturers Can Make Them –

Funny Corona Virus Face Mask Memes that are Spreading Faster than Manufacturers Can Make Them

The Wuhan Corona Virus outbreak is fuelling unprecedented hoarding of face masks all around the world. Face masks are being sold faster than manufacturers can make them and the supply squeeze is causing some pharmacies to profit from mass panic. And the speed of corona virus face masks being sold out are second only to the speed with which funny corona virus face mask memes are spreading on the internet.

We think that this is an unacceptable and socially irresponsible practice and would like to call out those that are both hoarding and profiteering from this practice.

face mask on sale for 90usd per 20 masks

While stores profiteering are totally wrong, there’s vigilantes out there that’s taken it upon themselves to push the limit of what is safe. Some on the “not at all” end of the spectrum, and others on the “yup, doesn’t get safer than that” end of the spectrum.

Here’s a collection of funny face corona virus face mask memes which illustrate why demand for these face masks have reached epidemic levels! Enjoy, and don’t forget to bookmark this page as we will be sure to keep adding them as and when more turn up!

funny face mask meme - wuhan corona virus has met its match

The corona virus terminator.

funny face mask memes - man covers face but misses forehead

He doesn’t like his forehead.

This woman doesn’t mess around.


funny face mask meme - poker night

I see your 2 face masks and I raise you 3 face masks.

funny face mask meme - necessity is mother of all inventions

This man is a genius.

funny face mask meme - goat to be kidding

Not kidding about this corona virus!

funny face mask meme - we are family

He’s in the dog house.

funny face mask meme - man's best friend

Traffic rules be damned!


funny face mask meme - prepare youselves

It truely looks like the end is near.

funny face mask meme - life imitates art

It goes both ways.

funny face mask meme - byob

They brought their own bags alright.

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