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Funny Quarantine Cat Memes

With more and more states and cities ordering quarantine to deal with the current crisis, bored citizens are resorting to internet memes involving their pets to keep their sanity. The latest trend is combining an all time favorite on the internet “Cat” with the latest word on everyone’s mind “Quarantine” for a seriously trending hashtag #QuarantineCat. Take a break from your “working from home” and enjoy these funny quarantine cat memes.

quarantine cat memes - not thrilled by 20 sec paw wash

That’s “I’ll kill you in your sleep” stare.

quarantine cat memes - aint funny no more

Remember when these were funny?

quarantine cat memes - 2019 vs 2020

What a difference a year makes.

quarantine cat memes - owner misses coworkers

First day at work!

quarantine cat memes - cats have strong survival instincts

Be like these cats and practice social distancing!

quarantine cat memes - cats deserve 9 lives

These cats are naturals.

quarantine cat memes - cats facetiming

These cats aren’t used to humans being home so much either!

quarantine cat memes - cat loves dog in quarantine

Beggars can’t be choosers.

quarantine cat memes - quarantined after sneeze

One sneeze…

Quarantine Nazi.


quarantine cat memes - cat writing checks



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