These letters to God from 3rd-grade students are mind-blowing

What happens when you ask a 3rd-grade student to write a letter to God? Well, we are about to see that below. God is a big word and I’m sure it represents something different to all of us. It is also a very sensitive subject to talk about. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a try as an introduction to these kids’ hilarious and mind-blowing idea of God.

They say a child and a drunk man are always honest and don’t mind about what others would say or think. I don’t know for sure, but these 3rd-grade students really asked God a couple of bold questions. Their letters are both cute and funny and, well, they are really straightforward. For example, we’ve been taught since birth that God loves everybody in this world and this one kid finds that really amazing. He’ll like to know how God does that because he feels that loving his family of four is hard enough. Somehow, through his childish “dilemma”, he addresses serious issues in our world that he might find out about when he grows older: acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love for the person you know nothing about. I hope he finds the answer to that.

Kids usually love God because he’s this really “cool” being who built the world. Teaching religion to children should be more about stories and life lessons, rather than about ideologies and “our-religion-is-the-best” kind of approach. Fighting over whose religion was the best was the cause of many historical disasters, killings and hate. The sad truth is that it still is. Religious radicalism is a huge blow to our world and at the moment, we seem lost and unable to find a solution to this problem.

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